Let’s drive away diabetes on this World Diabetes Day

With a whopping 62 million diabetic individuals, India is now considered as the diabetes capital. It is well and truly a matter of grave concern that 1 in every 5 people in India fall prey to diabetes. Before we get into how to combat this deadly disease, let us first understand what diabetes exactly is. There are chiefly two types of diabetes; Type-I diabetes is caused by insufficient secretion and production of insulin and in case of Type-2 diabetes, insulin responds defectively.

World Diabetes DayAs per the experts, you can control and manage diabetes efficiently if it is detected timely and you go for regular check-ups. In spite of being a diabetic patient, you can live a normal life if you adhere to proper food habits and medications and modify your lifestyle. On this World Diabetes Day, let us take a pledge to drive diabetes away. The first and foremost step in doing that is to understand what to eat and what not to in order to keep sugar levels under control.

Say not to these foods

Diabetic patients need to stay away from all types of canned, processed, preserved, foods. They should not drink soft drinks, and fruit juices as well. Instant food products and refined products of cereal such as maida, white bread, suji, biscuits are also prohibited for diabetics. Foods that contain simple sugars like sweets, sugar, glucose, artificial sweeteners are also a strict no-no for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Things you should do

  • You should drink at least 3 litres of water every day
  • You should take smaller meals in frequent intervals
  • Restrain yourself from drinking water just aft the meal
  • you should do exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour every day
  • You should sleep at least two hours after your dinner
  • You should focus on losing or controlling weight
  • Monitor your sugar levels regularly to understand the effects of the foods you intake daily

Start having these foods

Diabetic patients in India need to build healthy food habits that includes green leafy vegetables, whole cereals, whole pulses with skin. These patients should focus on eating all citrus fruits and legumes and beans and different types of berries and nuts like almonds or walnuts, Skimmed milk and its by-products like paneer and curd are also useful for diabetic patients. For the main course, diabetic patients should have floods like boiled, grilled, roasted or baked fish or chicken, egg whites.

The WHO estimates that, in low and middle-income countries, number of deaths due to diabetes will get doubled between 2016 and 2030. Being the diabetes capital, India has an enormous challenge to drive diabetes away. However, by paying heed to the pointers mentioned above, diabetic patients can lead a normal life.


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