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Akanksha Roy
I work in GIBL as a Marketing Executive with the Health Insurance Team.Along with dealing with health insurances I also take care of the appointments from Corporate Industries for Corporate Insurances.I have completed my Graduation in Electrical & Electronicxs Engg from Bhubaneswar.GIBL provided a great platform to grow and exist in the financial environment.I believe that you can gain in life only if you give up something.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Health Insurance

“Ramesh had to hospitalize his father to the hospital as his father got a stroke. Ramesh took his father to one of the best hospitals as his father already had a Health Insurance. All the diagnosis and medications were carried out in the best possible manner by the doctors. However while clearing the bills to […]

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The Best Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens to Save Cost

Health insurance is considered a must for everyone these days. However, there are still some people who did not take insurance at the right time and now fear that they are prone to illness because of their increasing age. Are you one of those senior citizens who still do not have any insurance and find […]

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Top 10 Question to ask before buying a Health Insurance policy

When it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, the majority of Indian public get overwhelmed and puzzled with what to look in an insurance policy. This article tells you top ten questions to ask your insurance provide before you settle on a particular policy. 1: What is the limit of your health coverage? Keeping […]

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