No Protection for ‘Virat’ Risks Against Kohlification

What is common between James Faulkner and Md. Irfan apart from both being left-handed fast bowlers? Reportedly, they both are having frequent nightmares after getting a thrash in the hand of Virat Kohli. These two bowlers are not alone, all top bowlers having a beating heart while marking their run-up to bowl at Virat Kohli at this moment.

After his epic innings against Australia over the weekend even on Monday while coming to office I just realized I was still mesmerized by it completely. Every conversation was leading to the impact of Kohli – the ‘Kohlification’. Someone made a funny remark that he makes bowlers’ condition so vulnerable that day is not too far away when bowlers would look for an insurance safeguard as their skippers fails to provide adequate protection. Then the suggestion started flooding one after another.

With IPL knocking at the door a policy like ‘Zero Depreciation Cover’ would be in great demands for the bowlers as they don’t want to see their value going down after the auction. Hopefully, such a plan would cover their daily ‘wear and tear’ due to Kohli – carnage. One of my colleague’s imaginations ran even wilder as he suggested a ‘Critical Over Policy’ for death bowlers who are likely to give away more than 20 runs in an over. Someone even suggested that ‘Professional Liability Insurance’ for the bowlers is going to be a hot cake at the moment and she is going to give a serious try to fulfill her March Target.

Design team was not far away. They came up with this brilliant video which is already gone viral in WhatsApp.

Apart from all the jokes and fun we just want to salute Virat Kohli for the way he is continuously entertaining us. Wish him and team India good luck from everyone in GIBL to win the cup.


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